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RUSSIA, 197110, St. Petersburg, Petrovskaya Spit, 9.
City of sea glory

City of sea glory

The city of the Russian naval glory known around the world Kronstadt (from the German das Krone -a crown and der Stadt-the city) is located on Kotlin Island in the Baltic Sea. Exactly here the Gulf of Finland is narrowed to 15 kilometers before a shallow Nevsky lip.

The island about one and a half kilometers wide lasts from the West to the east almost on 12 kilometers and as if the stopper, can cover a way to any enemy.

The island Kronstadt was known to Novgorodians since ancient times: on these to primordially Russian lands and waters away from the Varangian in Greeks and Saranitsa.

The historical complex of world value developing, like Petersburg, by the unified, regular plan and the kept unique architectural shape, Kronstadt formed military base of the Baltic fleet.

Main sights of Kronstadt: The St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral which has opened after long reconstruction, Peter's house, Bypass the channel, Siny Bridge, the water area of the Gulf of Finland.

on boat on yacht "Catherine" on yacht "Anastasia"
Boat 4 hours
Yacht Princess 50 «Catherine» 4 hours
Yacht Princess 42 «Anastasia» 4 hours
The guide 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Number of people 1-8 1-16 1-14
Cost 25500
Cost on the person (at full group) 3187

Bonuses are provided to regular customers.

Additional services for surcharge:

— Extension of rent of the boat, cost of extension is 6 000 rubles/hour
— Extension of rent of the yacht, cost of extension is 18 000 rubles/hour
— Professional photographer from 1500 rubles/hour
— Transfer on the car representative and premium class from 2000 rubles
— The order of fresh flowers with delivery, a bouquet from 1200 rubles
— The organization of a fursher on the yacht/boat from 500 rubles
— The organization of a fursher on the yacht/boat from 500 rubles
— Night in a network of romantic hotels "Alex Hotel" from 3500 rubles

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