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RUSSIA, 197198, St. Petersburg, 14a Dobrolyubova Ave.
Night of drawbridges

Night of drawbridges

3 hours6 hours
Princess 42 «Anastasia» 54 000 rub 84 000 rub
Princess 50 «Ekaterina» 51 000 rub 78 000 rub
Boats 18 000 rub 30 000 rub

St. Petersburg - the water capital of Russia. Drawbridges are the main attractions of the city on the Neva. Walking at night in the summer of St.Petersburg during the White Nights give residents and visitors an unforgettable experience.

Why bridges are raised? Because of the navigation. Ships of various types carrying cargo on go under the bridges. The bridges are bred to allow ships sail under bridges not damaging bridge structures. Navigation period lasts about seven months, from April 20 to November 10. Raised bridges city is divided into three parts: northern, southern and Vasileostrovskaya. Bridges are raised from 01.30 am to 04.30 am. Drawbridges in Petersburg thirteen: Exchange Bridge, the Annunciation bridge, Bolsheokhtinsky, Volodarsky, Palace, Foundry, Alexander Nevsky Bridge, Trinity, Tuchkov Bridge, Finland Railway Bridge, etc.

Appreciate the beauty of the city with drawbridges at night on a boat trip on the pleasure boats and yachts! All the advantages of renting water transport is available: modern high-speed models quickly and with maximum comfort help you get to all the places you want, to make unique pictures. You will have a fascinating walk under the raised bridges Petersburg, make a landing in different places, and just have a great time in the company's best friends, enjoying the fresh air of the Baltic.

Since 2013, the company Almarine is pleased to offer yachts and boats rent in Saint-Petersburg.

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