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RUSSIA, 197110, St. Petersburg, Petrovskaya Spit, 9.
Treasures of Petergof

Treasures of Petergof

Suburbs of Petersburg by right call a pearl necklace of the Northern capital. We invite you to visit one of the most magnificent and brilliant - Peterhof. Travel on the boat to Peterhof will relieve you of inconveniences of the motor transport and will present opportunity to admire panoramic the Gulf of Finland.

Parks of Peterhof were put by order of Peter I. Peterhof is called by "the Russian Versailles" and "A kingdom of fountains", in parks about 180 fountains and 4 cascades are constructed. These fountains not only are magnificent, but also are unique! And in the sculptures decorating ensemble and in various forms which accept gushing streams, mechanical pumps are absent.

It is in addition possible to visit the Big Palace of Peterhof (the 600th rub/adult, 300 rub / school)

on boat on yacht "Catherine" on yacht "Anastasia"
Boat 5 hours
Yacht Princess 50 «Catherine» 5 hours
Yacht Princess 42 «Anastasia» 5 hours
The guide 5 hours 5 hours 5 hours
Number of people 1-8 1-16 1-14
Cost 26500
Cost on the person (at full group) 3312

Bonuses are provided to regular customers.

Additional services for surcharge:

— Extension of rent of the boat, cost of extension is 6 000 rubles/hour
— Extension of rent of the yacht, cost of extension is 18 000 rubles/hour
— Professional photographer from 1500 rubles/hour
— Transfer on the car representative and premium class from 2000 rubles
— The order of fresh flowers with delivery, a bouquet from 1200 rubles
— The organization of a fursher on the yacht/boat from 500 rubles
— The organization of a fursher on the yacht/boat from 500 rubles
— Night in a network of romantic hotels "Alex Hotel" from 3500 rubles
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