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RUSSIA, 197110, St. Petersburg, Petrovskaya Spit, 9.
Unique Petersburg

Unique Petersburg

At excursion on the rivers and channels of Petersburg you will be able to join to full of riddles and secrets of history of this world most beautiful of the cities, and, certainly, to take pleasure in its strict, refined architecture. Going to excursion travel from Admirateysky pier, the boat at the Summer garden comes into Fontanka, further across Moika and the Winter flute goes down across Neva. Before you the history of the well-known embankments, houses and the people living in them will open.

Excursion "Unique Petersburg" is a fine opportunity to see and the main sights of the Nevsky embankments and beauty of the Petersburg channels.

«Unique Petersburg»
Boat 1,5 hours
The guide 1,5 hours
Number of people 1-8
Cost 12500
Cost on the person (at full group) 1562

Bonuses are provided to regular customers.

Additional services for surcharge:

— Extension of rent of the boat, cost of extension is 6 000 rubles/hour
— Extension of rent of the yacht, cost of extension is 18 000 rubles/hour
— Professional photographer from 1500 rubles/hour
— Transfer on the car representative and premium class from 2000 rubles
— The order of fresh flowers with delivery, a bouquet from 1200 rubles
— The organization of a fursher on the yacht/boat from 500 rubles
— The organization of a fursher on the yacht/boat from 500 rubles
— Night in a network of romantic hotels "Alex Hotel" from 3500 rubles
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