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RUSSIA, 197110, St. Petersburg, 9T Petrovskaya kosa
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Yacht Princess 42 "Anastasia"


Year built
Full speed
32 knots
12 people
Number of cabins
13,5 m
5 m
2 m

Beautifully designed and faultlessly trimmed motor yacht  Princess 42 is the cult yacht in a model range of Princess.

The high-speed comfortable snow-white yacht, with a capacity up to 14 people, is ideal for fascinating walks across Neva, the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga. The yacht well equipped and perfectly will be suitable for any purposes. It can be wedding or romantic walk, a sightseeing tour or a friendly party.

For you always and unconditionally guaranteed good mood and a good rest.

The yacht is designed for the company up to 14 people. On the spacious flybridge is U-shaped sofa surrounding a little table.

Aft there is enough place for several plank beds. It is an ideal corner to be together in a private situation.

In the salon filled with light, conduct glass doors and panoramic windows move apart space. On the yacht 2 cabins plus spacious cabins - the company with the equipped galley are equipped.

The yacht Princess 42 is equally comfortable both in solar and in cloudy weather that is especially characteristic for Petersburg.

* These prices are not valid during the increased workload. On the days of increased workload please ask managers for actual prices.

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The cost of services includes:
— presence of a professional captain and steward ;
— decoration with fresh flowers;
— the organization buffet surcharge.

Rent a yacht in St. Petersburg - a unique opportunity to spend an unforgettable day , evening or night! The boat trip on ships fleet Almarine allow you to fully appreciate the beauty of our city and see it in a completely different light.

Saint Petersburg is famous for its canals, drawbridges, magnificent architectural landmarks located along the banks of the Neva granite. In addition to river walks the city itself, many residents and visitors love to enjoy the beauty of northern nature: Lake Ladoga , the Gulf of Finland. Very popular neighborhood of St. Petersburg Fort Palace in Peterhof and many more.

However, due to high prices , not everyone can afford to have their own yacht. That you do not indulge in the opportunity to open the true atmosphere of the majestic St. Petersburg, Almarine offers to hire the best trial.

Boat Rental in St. Petersburg

Memorable event to remember for a lifetime, it is best to mark it in a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. To emphasize your holiday will help service company Almarine - yacht rental.

Our yachts – are modern and comfortable ships. Thus the cost of rent is quite acceptable for a tour or a celebration in St. Petersburg, and even go on a long voyage to the reserved and historical places for a day or more.

We treat clients with a variety of queries and financial capabilities. Most often in St. Petersburg rental yachts bought the following activities:

Rent a sailing or motor yacht VIP

If you want to spend time with a special glamor and scope, the company Almarine offers exclusive luxury ship - VIP- yacht. Depending on your preference, you can order trendy and high-speed motor vehicle or a magnificent sailing ship. Anyway you will catch admiring glances of others.

If your desire, we take care of all the organizational aspects:

Apart from low-cost rent a sailing or motor yacht , Almarine can offer you full entertainment programs and romantic thanks to the collaboration with the best hotels, restaurants and clubs of St. Petersburg.

You will only enjoy a comfortable stay and the splendor of the city.

The cost of renting a yacht for a day

It is best to take a boat to rent for a long time, to perform a full holiday and what does not deny. Prices, when ordering special programs (excursions , weddings and others), will be lower. The cost of renting a yacht for a day or any other time in our company - one of the most profitable in the Northern Capital. Feeling the same luxury and comfort of our ships, you will definitely make the right choice.

Rent a yacht in St. Petersburg, you can at any time due to clock work service order. Fleet of our company is waiting for you! Call!